Conceptz (featuring Cassidy) – Fall

Conceptz (featuring Cassidy) – Fall


Orange County, New York’s Conceptz is a rap combo that is made up of two brothers. Though debuting on the scene with “Roll It Up”, it wasn’t until their first mixtape offering Euphoria that the public started catching onto the duo’s original sound. Afterwards the group hunkered down to lay down multiple releases including a plethora of mixtapes that mashed-up hits by artists varying from Gucci Mane to MelodiQ. Beyond this point Conceptz has taken on a life of its own, a journey that has taken the unit to the Grammys for best video and to the Billboard Hot 100 Charts where several of the singles charted and performed well.

“Fall” is Conceptz latest single and it operates on a driving, grinding club beat, harder-edged dual gangsta rap style vocal trade-offs and infectious flows that give way to catchy stream of consciousness insanity. This is a top-tier track to ignite a dance floor or shake the doors off of your car. The subwoofer crunching bass pulsations collide with edgy, churning beats as the vocal interplay continues to build and ratchet up in intensity throughout. Conceptz constant forward push and aggressive, in-your-face lyrics prove why they’ve shared the concert stage with hip-hop legends like Ghostface Killah, Kool G Rap and Heltah Skeltah. Featuring additional rhymes by Cassidy WIZ, the lyrical charge continues to pick up in intensity as the song pushes and shoves its way to the finish line with vitriol and vigor to spare. This is definitely stuff that culls its influences from the harder underground sound that was huge in the 80s into the early 90s. Fans of N.W.A., though Conceptz isn’t quite that knife-edged, could get into this, as well as folks that were on board for Snoop and Dre’s early material, but still Conceptz manage to have their own identity in a crowded pack. With 10 music videos under their belt to date, Conceptz have set-up a prime opportunity to receive another Grammy nod as the content to this song is powerful and poignant; a street level affair with sharp lyrical sculpting. The group’s ability to assemble a tight, compacted tune completely mops the floor with pretty much entire mainstream rap scene at current time, which has increasingly made further strides into the cute, poppy realm, a vibe that in and of itself doesn’t really fit the genre’s most mighty standard bearers. The song is also available in a clean version, giving those who came for the beat and rhythmic lyrics what they want without getting to verbally tough on the ears.

Conceptz are set to go far on the back of “Fall,” a song which could be their best single to date. With a career nearly a decade strong and increasing fanbase popping up all over the globe, this family owned hip-hop business is here to stay. Though some say the genre is struggling in the modern age, Conceptz and their modern classic “Fall” are proof positive that the genre is here to stay and is actually alive, well and far from extinct.


Troy Johnson

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