J. Light ReviewJ. Light is an emcee who illuminates with sweet sounds. We’re kicking this off right with “Where the Party At” featuring D. Cannons. Instead of this over the top party anthem, this one is more laid back and chill. It’s got a sensual feel to it. Vidal Garcia hops on “Bad Behavior” to help out with the track that will have all the ladies on the dance floor dancing and shaking in a manner that will leave men weak in the knees. “Keep It On the Real” has this old school R&B feel to it right off the bat that is welcoming, while “Showcase” gives us a real hip hop laced track. While the rest up until this point have has this laid back feel, this one goes street on us. If you’re a fan of emcees who give it to you with a bit of sensual thuggery, check out J. Light ASAP. (https://www.youtube.com/user/carlos102395/videos)

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