Captivating Hip Hop Rhythms and Enriching Afrobeats: Rising Artist Damola Unveils New Single

Melding and Mixing together melodic Hip Hop and R&B tones and underscoring them with burning messages is budding artist Damola’s true forte, and with a string of new singles he is all ready and psyched to succeed.

Chicago, Illinois – May 5th, 2021 – Inspired by icons of Rap and R&B, budding powerhouse Damola is all set to take the music world by storm, releasing stunning new singles. Crafting his own unique musical identity, by infusing mainstream Rap and Hip-Hop tones with a distinct Afrobeat style, the growing singer is driven to grow and succeed.

In a world where Rap and Hip Hop seems to have halted into a redundant and mainstream setting, Damola intends to rejuvenate and enthrall with his rich and hip Afrobeat rhythms and stellar songwriting. With the release of his new single titled “Rockstar” which graced all his music platforms on May 8th, 2021, Damola represents a breath of air and a unique new taste of Rap and Hip Hop.

“Rockstar” represents a power-punch which is rife with memorable beats and songwriting and follows up on the artist’s previous releases titled “On the Low” and “Mama”, which also released in 2021.

“My music has definitely allowed people to hear what a new sound of Afrobeat is like,” says the rising artist regarding his upcoming release.

Check out Damola’s new single and learn more about him on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.





Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Damola Adediran is a true sensation when it comes to Rap and Hip-Hop music. Born in 1996, Damola was always exposed to different elements of music by his family from an early age. Growing up in the southern suburbs of Chicago, Damola was always inspired by the rhythmic allure of Hip Hop and its fresh beats, but never saw himself as someone who would pursue music as a passion.

However, he later found himself fully immersed in music, and debuted with his dynamic single titled “On the Low”, evolving and growing his musical talents. Damola believes that his music encapsulates a mix of Afroswing and Afrobeats styles, with a uniquely distinct spin on the latter style. Through his music, Damola wishes to be able to connect with his listeners and plans on producing many more singles in the future.




Name: Adedamola Adediran (Damola)
Email Address: [email protected]




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