Artist Marlon Simpson Releases New Single, “Simple Way”

Soul-stirring, booty shaking, and thoroughly enjoyable

San Jose, California – October 15th, 2020 – Artist Marlon Simpson has released a new song, “Simple Way.” The lyrics, vocals, and the bass of this funk-pop track were written and performed by Simpson, an indicator of the artist’s multiple talents. The horns section was arranged by Mark, guitars by Art, and drums by Gary. This composition was recorded under the skillful supervision of Don Budd.

This delicious funk-pop composition is more than what it appears to be at face value. Simpson has dedicated this thought-provoking composition to noble goals such as pursuing free speech, world peace, and socioeconomic equality. A wonderful blend of soul-stirring and intellectual stimulation, “Simple Way” has already been garnering a lot of attention and praise from Simpson’s peers, fans, and industry musicians. From descriptions such as “Super-power funk” to “Some of the best funk on the entire globe,” this track is well on its way to becoming a funky favorite of those who enjoy this genre.

The emerging, independent artist’s early success comes as no surprise to many. His diverse and dynamic songwriting style paired with the heavy pop-funk and acoustic pop-soul elements make for a delightful composition that makes one play it on repeat. Of course, the intellectual stimulation provided by the lyrics also strikes a chord deep inside the listener, as it can be related by many. A multi-instrumentalist, Simpson also displays his music prowess through the strength of his vocals, arrangements, and the resulting grooves. Groovy, saucy, and meaningful, readers can expect to hear more of this track in the future.

Simpson is a keen observer of contemporary local and global situations and draws inspiration to compose music. He wishes to change the world in his capacity by exercising his musical talents and making meaningful music. Like-minded funky intellectuals will find Simpson’s other compositions interesting as well. The talented artist wished to inspire people to come together in a festival of funk that is dedicated to the pursuit of guaranteeing the rights of free speech, world peace, and equality in every sense to people around the globe.

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Marlon Simpson is a singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist. His songs are written with a specific message behind them and are geared towards an audience that enjoys the funk-pop genre and intellectual stimulation.




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