Bubba Lee teamed up with a few talented artists for a rap song that’ll remind you of one of the greats. “Safe Nite” featuring Dean James Silva and Silva Rose sounds like Snoop Dogg when it starts out and continues to do so throughout. The content doesn’t though. This is like if you took Snoop’s delivery style and took away the parental advisory content that was usually tossed about in his earlier work. It’s a song that clocks in over five minutes. That’s good for listening to on your own time, but if it were to head to radio — it’d have to be taken down a notch. It’d sit pretty on airwaves around 3:30 minutes. I’m sure with Bubba Lee, he could figure out what to cut. All in all though, it’s a song that has a lot of things going on from the beat to the pace, from the verses to the easygoing hook. If you’re into music that’s quick and great, check out Bubba Lee. (https://www.artistpr.com/bubbalee)

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