Beats4U2Rapp2.Com – Beats 4 U 2 Rapp 2 Volume 5

Beats4U2Rapp2.Com  - Beats 4 U 2 Rapp 2 Volume 5

“Served up with explosive rhythm, this album delivers something every artist will value, and every fan will enjoy. Aggressively progressive beats that truly inspire the thoughts of listeners.”

This beat compilation features 55 minutes, 48 seconds of highly captivating sounds, baselines, drum patterns which are packed into a total of 10 appreciated beats.

Tru B Boys ( beat 1 – KP ): This beat is rather mellow; however, backed by a banging, hard hitting drum loop. Definitely produced for the laid back emcee. Moderate change ups pertain to sound effect use, leaving the beat cruising on the drum loop for the most part.

Slo Breeze ( beat 2 – MC HB ): Beginning with piano patterns, eventually tying into a smooth baseline, and drum loop this beat easily becomes a favorite. Another beat laid down for the laid back artist. Smooth melodic sound patterns drift your mind away in bliss, creating a sad, darkened feeling which is perfect for dark, dreary content.

Out Cast ( beat 3 – FA-Q ): Arabian type ambiance masked in an electronic sound, covered by smooth sound effects. The drum loop on this beat is banging, and the best one laid down on the compilation. Something to get your head nodding, body moving, and your mouth flowing. Idea for the medium paced verse.

Again and Again ( beat 4 – KP ): Abrasive beat, featuring a deep piano pattern, and an impacting drum loop. This beat is idea for the sporadic verse featuring vocals that are unconstrained by restraints, with lots of voice fluctuations.

Record Twist ( beat 5 – Bucket ): Slow paced, alluring beat backed by a light drum loop, and a melodic ambiance.

How Much Is It? ( beat 6 – MC HB ): Electronic beat at its best, this beat comes off as industrial, featuring a highly vibben, head banging drum loop. Electronic sounds smother this beat.

How You See It ( beat 7 – Ryo ): Something to ride too. A highly blissful beat, featuring a deep jazz type groove that allows artists to hang with their lyrics.

The Smoke Clears ( beat 8 – KP ): This beat features an underlying piano loop, that is dominated by a light drum loop which creates the perfect stage for the mellow rhyme slinger.

Woo Woo ( beat 9 – FA-Q ): Another electronic sounding beat, with high base, weird cosmic sounds, and an overpowering drum loop. Definitely a beat to appreciate if you vibe electronic sounds.

All In Da Funk ( beat 10 Al B. Threats ): This beat features the most change ups on the compilation, with one of the most emblazoned sounds of all time ( sampled ). The use of this sample is executed flawlessly to create a timeless classic that fans will enjoy, and artists will appreciate. Sound effects, cuts, and scratches dominate this beat. A “kick you in the rear” type beat gives a definite bounce that will not go unnoticed. Raw intensity comes to mind when listening. Which sample was used? You figure it out.

Diversity is too weak a word when referencing it to this beat compilation; therefore, the element of proof that this is the perfect tool for multi talented, and, or artists world wide. Each, and every artist will find at least one beat on this compilation that they will appreciate, and ride, most likely a lot more than one. This beat compilation is infinitely a valuable tool for artists, and a hype ride for fans.

Additional Information:

Executive Producer: H. B. Barnum

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