Ayent Takes His Time to Rhyme

Ayent Takes His Time to RhymeAyent is a young MC who takes his time to deliver his rhymes. The best part about his style is that listeners can never miss a word of a beat. Ayent is crisp and clear as he sings about being real in “Tha Realist” and his dreams and aspirations in “Touch Da Skyy.” He works hard at what he does and conveys that in songs like “Day One” that’s all about making money and “Getin” which I am going to assume is about that as well. Although I’m not sure what “bag full of purple” is – going to assume that’s not money, but something you can definitely purchase with green. Ayent also pays respect to the people who helped him along the way in “affiliation” and “Mi Niggaz.” All the songs I had a chance to check out were mid=tempo accolades of Ayent’s life. None were over the top, but all were just right. If you’re into hip hop that’s easy going, but still packs a hell of a punch, then check out Ayent before you do anything else today. (