Attacking Rhymes with That boi Cross

That boi Cross ReviewHaving performed in Miami this month, That boi Cross is an emcee who comes at you like a shark attack. His boy DJones acts as the Nate Dogg like anchor in his “Stand Up In It” as he gives you line after line of a hit in the making. He sounds a bit like a young Ice Cube. In “Free Fall” DJones is back again and this time the two are giving a sense of hope as That boi tells his tale of where he’s been and where he plans on heading in his career. On his own, this emcee can still kill it. “And Then I” gives a song dudes will love and try to recreate. If you’re a fan of Cube, make sure to check out what That boi Cross is working with now. He’s a rising star that’s about to break. (

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