Apathy – That Ol’ Boom Bap / Earth Girls Are Easy

Apathy -  That Ol' Boom Bap / Earth Girls Are Easy

Apathy – “That Ol’ Boom Bap” / “Earth Girls Are Easy”

Consistently dope emcees are one of a kind in today’s hip-hop scene, specifically in the underground where you either like ’em or you don’t. One thing is for sure: You definitely like Apathy. Once again, he drops another 12″, slightly shy of the prestige of “No Joke”, to keep nonbelievers in awe, while leaving born-Apathy fans wondering is this cat is even human. The a-side is creatively done with a beat with some guitar samples and a sample from what reminds me of Beck’s “Where It’s At.” Not only will the beat have your jaw on the floor, but Ap’s reminiscent lyrics will bring you back to the 80’s and early 90’s when hip-hop had built it’s strong foundation that is slowly deteriorating due to emcees being the exactly opposite of Apathy, and the entire Demigodz crew, in fact. He pays homage to the old school and laces each verse together with a hype, respectable chorus that you might find yourself repeating at work. “Earth Girls Are Easy” is on the flipside, and Apathy utilizes Celph Titled’s production to spit some amusing, sexual rhymes that will undoubtedly please all. In between these two tracks, you’ll find a remix of “That Ol’ Boom Bap”, produced by Celph just as the original was. This has more of a brass, jazzy feel, but it’s the farthest thing from a disappointment. Again, Apathy has teamed up with fellow Demigod, Celph Titled, and created another 12″ that will make any head buy doubles. One for playing, and one left in the plastic as a collectable in hopes it could possibly have a monetary value comparable to that of the hip-hop pleasure gained from a quick spin.

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