Apathy, Celph Titled & Open Mic – No Joke b/w The Science of Bum Rush

Apathy, Celph Titled & Open Mic  - No Joke b/w The Science of Bum Rush

Production: Celph Titled, Apathy

Guests: Celph Titled, Open Mic I’ve been an Apathy fan since I heard his “Just Begun” 12″ b/w “Chrome Depot Freestyle”. As far as what I’ve heard, I see him as a consistent emcee with some indefinitely amazing wordplay on his new single. “No Joke” features Celph Titled, who tears the track to pieces. Apathy flips lines like, “i got a problem with the mic, so i solve it like a man/ grab it by the neck and rock it as hard i can” and “i be takin’ out emcees like dogs that need to piss”. I wasn’t aware that Celph Titled could produce and rhyme equally dope. He kind of has an old school flow on this, leaving a lot of time at the end of each of his bars. The simplicity mixed with some of the lines he flips is crazy as hell. My favorite is, “the only time you’ll have safe sex and be felt/ is if you jacked off in a car wearing a seat belt”. Apathy closes the four-minute track with his continuous multi-syllabic rhyming. “The Science Of Bum Rush” is off the chain. Celph spits first, kicking an ill line, “your bitch wasn’t asian but she sure as hell could bang cock”. Next up to bat is Open Mic, but I didn’t hear too much that was quotable. Not bad, nonetheless. Apathy starts off kicking this line, “you couldn’t spit if you was a virgin bitch who hates swallowing”. Celph jumps back into the game spitting nice as usual. Open Mic comes back with a decent line, “the mic’s a part of me that goes together like ghettos and poverty”. His performance is dope, mainly because of his cocky, swift, yet decipherable delivery. Apathy brings the song to an end, spitting a line, “i leave the competition mentally stressed/ like a teenage girl takin’ a pregnancy test”. Both of these songs are sick as hell. I highly recommend picking this 12″ up at your local record store because I am honestly amazed by the display of lyricism here. [Jeff]

Reviewed By RhymeLife.Com for DaHipHopPlace.Com

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