An Independent R&B Record Which Paints the Journey of Self-Growth – JWALK’s Moving New Album Mesmerizes All

“Until Proven Guilty” is in a way, a powerful and poignant coming-of-age picture by an artist who is best at all that he does

Los Angeles, CA — ‘Until Proven Guilty’ is a fascinating and emotion-fueled record that narrates the intimate experience of growth, change, and healing by a skillful singer-songwriter. The new record delineates the story of JWALK’s journey from despair and darkness toward healing from the trauma of a toxic relationship.

A stellar work, ‘Until Proven Guilty’ has been produced and written by JWALK and features riveting instrumentation composed independently as well, assisted by Braxton Cooke on the Saxophone. Produced out of the artist’s 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, JWALK’s record is set to debut on February 2nd, 2023.

“My goal is to play one day on a sold-out tour, and have billions of people listening to my songs, using my pain, and insight as a vehicle for human beings to lift themselves out of dark places,” says JWALK regarding his musical style.

JWALK affirms that his driving motivation is the thirst to become the greatest and the realization that he has the potential to become a superstar. However, for the artist, music is mainly meant for the fans. Whenever people reach out to him and tell him how his music has made them feel, the artist’s motivation to do more and do better gets rejuvenated.

Determined to not be written off as just another Soundcloud rapper, JWALK is confident that he has all that it takes. His uniqueness and flair remain unmatched, expressed by the versatile blends of R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop, which he ingeniously invents.

JWALK is currently writing and developing his second EP, as well as a follow-up project that he plans on releasing sometime at the end of Q2 in the Springtime. Moreover, he is also working on his second full-length album in Copenhagen, which he hopes to share with fans soon.

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JWALK is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. The inventive artist has been making music since he was 17 years old. However, he did not decide to pursue it professionally until a while later.

Interestingly, JWALK’s musical trajectory began after he got out of a relationship and had not written a song in a year, submerged in desolation. However, it was at a rave for his friend’s 30th birthday party that JWALK was approached by an ‘Owl’ who spoke with such heavy authority that the artist took him to be the voice of God and nothing less.

In his intriguing vision, JWALK was informed to finish his record for the societal impact it will have will be much greater than himself. Consequently, as an obligation to God, as well as his future fans (family), JWALK began his musical journey.


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