YourZ Trulee Is Str88 Up One Of The Most Versatile Up-and-Coming Artists in Hip Hop

YourZ Truleeā€™s Blurr to be released in 2021

Youngstown, OH – YourZ Trulee is a budding artist in the Hip Hop and R&B music industry. She has already released seven tracks and intends to release her new mixtape titled “Blurr” and a new album called “Elm and Saranac” in early 2021. The artist is unique in her style of creating music. She focuses more on giving her best to what she is putting on the table rather than following conventions or comparing.

The artist has released quite a few tracks on SoundCloud before which are versatile and groovy. The lyrics are quite catchy and fun to listen to. She pays great attention to her music, and her confidence is reflected through her music. She believes strongly in being confident in your skin and being who you are.

Her previous songs such as “Clap your hands” will get you up on your feet and dance to the beats. Her hip hop tracks are pretty upbeat and have a rare music style. The up-and-coming artist has left a strong mark in the industry with these highly versatile tracks, and fans are eagerly waiting for more. Her tracks have layers of melodies and a good blend of beats that make them wholesome and quirky.

A shout out to all her supporters and fans who have been a pillar of support or a well-wisher! Always grateful to have you in her life!

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YourZ Trulee is an upcoming hip hop and R&B artist. She is prolific with her creativity, and her rare style of music is what keeps her fans hooked. Every song she releases has a new dimension and dynamic. She is quite flexible with her genre, and her tracks are comprehensive and upbeat. She adds a lot of elements to her melodies which make them interesting and nifty.


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