Where Riveting Becomes Revolutionary- Trip Immortal Presents Blend of Christian Faith, Metal, and Hip Hop

Youngstown\’s musical maverick, Trip Immortal, reshapes Christian Music with a distinctive, unique mix of genres, embodying the power of love and strength

Youngstown, OH —In the heart of Youngstown, Trip Immortal remains at the helm of a movement, a sonic revolution that challenges preconceived notions of Christian music. Stepping into the music scene just over a year ago, Trip brings with him a reservoir of experience, having penned lyrics and composed music for more than two decades.

The artist’s musical voyage began in 2001, a pivotal year marked by personal tragedy when his brother succumbed to cancer. Faced with loss and the harsh realities of life, Trip turned to music as a coping mechanism. What emerged was a unique fusion of dark metal and hip hop – an energetic and aggressive sound that defines the Trip Immortal signature.

In the cacophony of genres like Alternative, Christian, Experimental, Hip Hop, Metal, Rap, and Rock, Trip Immortal discovers a musical language that resonates with the complexities of life. His music serves as a cathartic expression, a testament to the struggles, faith, and resilience that define his journey.

At the core of Trip’s artistry is a mission to redefine Christian music. His lyrics, deeply rooted in Christian faith, aim to shatter stereotypes and showcase the resilience of believers. Through the dynamic blend of dark metal and hip hop, Trip seeks to bridge the gap between genres, offering a fresh perspective on spirituality.

Trip’s messages are poignant and powerful, reflecting his Christian faith while addressing universal struggles. In a world often marred by hatred and violence, Trip Immortal calls for change. The talented artist’s music becomes a vessel for transformation, urging listeners to love one another and fostering a sense of unity.

Having experienced the depths of depression and personal loss, Trip Immortal doesn’t just create music; he shares a piece of his soul with every note. Influenced by the diverse sounds of the ’90s, including rap, metal, grunge, and nu metal, Trip’s musical palette is a rich tapestry of influences that shape his distinctive sound.

Trip Immortal remains positive and motivated to bring light and hope to all through his craft! Download or buy the artist’s new music and merchandise! Follow the artist on your favourite streaming platform and reach out for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.



Trip Immortal emerges as a musical force from Youngstown, Ohio, introducing a revolutionary blend of genres that transcends traditional boundaries. Fusing Alternative, Christian, Experimental, Hip Hop, Metal, and Rap, Trip Immortal is curating a new kind of Christian music that marries the energy of hip hop with the intensity of metal. With over a year of music releases under his belt, Trip Immortal’s journey is deeply personal, rooted in a two-decade-long exploration of music and lyrics.

While the dream of being a big rock star looms large, Trip Immortal finds fulfillment in the prospect of touching lives. His music becomes a source of solace for those grappling with hardship, a beacon of hope that transcends the boundaries of genre. Trip Immortal extends an invitation to the world, urging listeners to embark on a musical journey that defies expectations, challenges perceptions, and amplifies the message of strength and love.


Trip Immortal
Name: Trip Immortal
Email: [email protected]



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tripimmortal
Twitter: https://x.com/Tripimmortal85
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@TripDb3
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3xk4ItbF0tlEPlYJtoACI7
SoundCloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/geSgV
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/tripimmortal


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