WANE Classic Presents The Latest Single From Phreeboy 


“Pum Pum” Available Now 


Alberta, Canada – June 13, 2020 – Every year has significant competition when it comes to being proclaimed as a true Summer Anthem, but if Phreeboy has anything to say, it’s going to be his latest single, “Pum Pum.” 

Do I know what “Pum Pum” is? No, but it doesn’t matter because all I want to do is have Phreeboy on repeat as I take in whatever outside time I can get in 2020. It’s a great song that allocates itself to everything from an at-home workout to a kickback with your closest friends. “Pum Pum” isn’t just Phreeboy’s latest single, but the lead single from his second EP, ‘Last Try: Attempt 2,’ which will be dropping soon.

Sundays in church are where Phreeboy’s love of music is rooted. He sang in his mother’s youth choir and soon dived into an array of genres as he got older. When he started taking music seriously, he had nothing more than a dollar store microphone that he’d use to make CDs that he’d then sell in school and throughout his neighborhood. Phreeboy was all about music up until something just wasn’t working. With that, he walked away from music for a full decade. That doesn’t mean he was void of creating. He spent that time working and performing poetry and doing theatre. 

He was pulled back in after a chance encounter with genius producer Barcode and the man with the managerial skills for days, Frankybanky. The three of them came together as the foundation to get WANE Classics started. Phreeboy started making music to target various emotions and immortalize moments, and he was reminded of that after his 10-year hiatus. Now he’s back, refreshed, and better than ever with his second EP, ‘Last Try: Attempt 2,’ out soon. 

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, reviewing ‘Last Try: Attempt 2,’ or interviewing Phreeboy can reach out via the information provided below. 

To hear “Pum Pum” from Phreeboy, please visit: https://youtu.be/qMmqZYdMMDY


Phreeboy gives audiences a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming release with his latest single, “Pum Pum.” 

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