Vicious J Is A Sound Machine


Singer Reveals Three New Releases

Houston, Texas – July 17, 2020 – Sound guru Vicious J is getting listeners hyped with the release of three new singles. The new beats, called “Pressure,” “Fake,” and “What About You.” Each song promises an exciting soundscape for his audience, both old and new.

“Pressure,” “Fake,” and “What About You” highlight the evolution of Vicious J’s sound. The lyrics reveal the depth of his creativity and relate his sometimes painful experiences. Listeners will turn up the music and ride along with Vicious J on his musical journey. They will see a little bit of themselves in each of his songs.

Vicious J, born Voshawn Johnson, was already a music lover. He was sharing his talents singing in the church choir. He started rapping in college after a football injury. Vicious decided to take music seriously after the death of his baby sister Varneisha Gant, in 2017, who is in his video “Help Me” as a moving tribute. A producer gave Voshawn the name Vicious J. He is also a husband and father, citing his family as a major influence in his career.

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