Vibrant and Stunning Latin Hip Hop and Reggae Combos: Presenting to the World D Gringo

Creating masterpieces by variations of the rich and varying genres of Hip Hop and Reggae, D Gringo is crafting his own independent and unique musical identity, while navigating the groovy and exhilarating genre of Latin music

Toa Alta, Puerto Rico – March 5th, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter D Gringo is one of the best new additions to the rich and fun genres of Reggae and Latin music. Armed by a talented and prolific producer Elied Padilla, D Gringo continues to surprise and amaze with dynamic and vibrant musical compositions. D Gringo remains motivated and encouraged by the support offered by his fans and family, who drive him each day to continue to create fun and unique music compositions independently.

D Gringo remains inspired to continue to produce characteristic and unique music that is appreciated by his fans and plans on taking his music and tracks all around the world. Lately, he has been working and experimenting his musical taste and sensibilities with different talented artists and has been working in the capacity of song writing as well. Driven and fired by his passion for using music as a means and channel to express his own convictions and ideals, and to just create fun-filled and beautiful tracks, D Gringo is the true force of tomorrow’s Reggae and Hip-Hop music. His new album and music continue to be a true testament to his art, putting him fresh on the map.

A celebrated icon in the disco scene of Puerto Rico, Danny Gringo has performed and opened at discos such as The Noise, Lazer, Belinies and Egypt, among other hot and vibrant spots in the country. Danny or D Gringo, as he styles himself artistically today, has a distinguished history of attending several events, growing and developing his style to tune it with the urban music industry. D Gringo has never been driven just by the ideals of materialistic fame, but rather works on passion and love for his work.




Budding Reggae and Latin Hip Hop singer and songwriter Danny Gringo started singing in 1997, focusing mainly on Rap and Hip-Hop music and compositions. Keeping his musical passions alive, working with icons such as Playero and Dj Negro, along with other talented forces such as Baby J (El pilar.) Master Joe, Micky Joe, Vico C, Brulee MC, Ruben Dj and others.

Strongly believing in supporting the new talents of urban music, Gringo works with independent icons such as Gallego el Poeta, Eix La carta Musical, Los Dueños del Party, Noel, Jriell, Janciel La Esencia, David G from Colombia and other musicians and singers. D Gringo has also worked and collaborated with some of Reggae and Hip Hop’s central icons, curating musical tracks that amaze and stun fans of Reggae all around the country. He plans to continue creating music that is driven by love and focuses on strong and rhythmic lyricism.



Name: D Gringo
Phone Number: 7876690000
Email Address: [email protected]





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