USA! Bawitda-what? Watch the Asian KID ROCK

Pocahontas, IL — IL/MO – Producer, Musician & Performing Artist ‘Kid Fop’ (Nate, 40) has been on fire since his 2018 debut in the music business. He has networked with legends and upcoming talents all around, plus he even recorded a song and a video with SUPERSTAR of St. Louis, Zeus ‘RukAPuff’ Waters!

If you haven’t seen The Asian Kid Rock.. just ask DJ DaBombDon from Hot 104.1, who stated “Kid Fop has potential!”  Big Lou, Frost Money, Johnny Wayne, Twistello, StonerJordan, UglyMoneyNiche, even the lovely, gorgeous, Jasz Jasmine are amongst us who have witnessed the kid and they are all down with that.. facts! Kid Fops’ music is currently streaming on all your favorite music platforms!

  • Some of Kid Fops earlier work like his first record, “Look Forward To Another Day” is all about bringing people together. “It’s Getting Hot” is a familiar old school Kid Rock stylish song. “Doobie and I” is ALL FUN for  recreational purposes and, “The Asian Kid Rock” tells you all, like it is!
  •          Mr. ROCK n ROLL, Kid Rock, Robert J. Ritchie, Former Detroit resident, now a “Nashvillian”, first inspired a young Nate, Kid Fop to play guitar and sing, then record, how to be a better person and performer, don’t take too much and give back to mother earth, treat people how you want to be treated and don’t take no BS from anybody.

Kid Fop is very versatile and likes to work with all genres music. From recording a few feel good rock songs, to a creepy, countryfried song, a few rockrap, then to a hiphop/rock/dance song, and last but not least – new hiphop… this kid does it all!

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I was Born in 1982. I was adopted at the age of 4 to the US from South Korea. Grew up in Carlyle IL. I currently live in Pocahontas IL, East Of St. Louis . Inspired by Jr. Cash an Kid Rock- I have been working with music over 20 years! I just turned 40 in 2022, still performing and keeping up with these younger superstars! Love each other and God be with US all!


Kid Fop
Name: Kid Fop
Address: 608 Academy St, Pocahontas, IL
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6186999101




Source: ArtistPR

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