Troy Nixon AKA TNix Beats the Rest

troy-nixon-reviewTroy Nixon AKA TNix makes the world his own with his array of beats. “How We Do It (Instrumental)” is a sick beat that would likely work with a female emcee. There’s something a little sexy about its undertones that’d make it great for someone like Nicki Minaj. “West Coastin (Instrumental)” has a very ’90s feeling to it that’s reminescnet of that era, which is probably why it sounds like something left behind from Aftermath. “Let The Music Take You (Instrumental)” is a little different than the others. Just when you think you have an artist figured out, they come out of left field with something new. This beat is more dance club than hip hop. You’d think “Sexy Ladies (Instrumental)” would be this slow and sensual song, but it’s actually not; another curve ball. You never know what to expect when Troy Nixon is at the helm. If you’re into beat makers, check out Troy Nixon. (