Tonn3D and His Rapid Fire

Tonn3D-reviewTonn3D is an emcee from the streets of Washington DC whose style would put The Flash to shame. “Eradication” is fast, furious but void of Vin Diesel. Those aside, much luck to those who try to imitate that one. Tonn3D can’t be touched when it comes to his rapid fire pace in tracks like the aforementioned as well in “No Changes” and “Bounce.” It’s not always that Speedy Gonzalez way though. Tonn3D can slow it down while still bringing it in tracks like “Bumpen Sonar Quasar,” “It’s Alright” and the very different, almost R&B ways of “Free.” If you’re a fan of OutKast and Bone Thugs, check out Tonn3D now. (