Simeon Jackson ReviewToday we got Geez straight out of the city of Brotherly Love. With Luchini by his side on “I Want You,” we start off on a good foot. Sounding like something that Jason Derulo would put out, this mix of hip hop, R&B and a little pop for good measure is just what the musical doctor ordered. I could hear this on the radio right now. We change the page and come across a new side as “All My Niggas” shows a harder side of the artist. We find the middle ground in “Really Not Really.” It’s not as smooth as the first but not as rough as the last, but just right. When it comes to having everything in a row, lined up perfectly – Geez knows what he’s doing and has it all planned out right. He’s a young emcee who’s ready to show what he has to the world. So let him and check him out today! (

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