The Scorchers Rocksteady Band Bringing Great New Tunes Over Classic Grooves

New EP Is A Reggae Adventure 

Kent, United Kingdom – October 22, 2020 –¬†The Scorchers Rocksteady Band is making some joyful noise with the release of their latest EP. “Waiting for the train” will have listeners moving to the beat.

“Waiting for the train” is full of lively melodies and reggae magic for listeners. The band’s talented musicians bring the spirit of the Caribbean to reggae fans with their devotion to creating the Island music sound. The band first posted the song as a teaser on Facebook, but since then it has gained over 157k views and nearly 2k likes so far. Their songs uplift and spread positive energy around the globe. The band is also planning to release an album called “Rocksteady Revolution.” Their music is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

The Scorchers Rocksteady Band was founded in 2015. The band “uses classic Jamaican Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady grooves with great lyrics and memorable melodies to form a new and fresh sound.” They are already a phenomenon in the UK and they are their way to be a global sensation.

To listen to more of their music, or for interested parties to reach out to The Scorchers Rocksteady Band for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below.

The Scorchers Rocksteady Band
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