The Retakes – Trash (EP)


Imagine if you will. A time. A place. A moment. A transcending space where The Pixies and Lou Reed along with Nico had a cataclysmic orgy and in the final spent climatic escapade a dying star that ejected itself from that climax soared across the milk way. It was along its projection that it spawned before its light extinguished. In that sanctimonious point in time a genesis of rebirth screamed in pain and a band called, The Retakes, oozed and crawled up from the primordial slime to deliver a second take.

This punk rock band out of the throbbing heart beat of smashed thumbs and junkie street walkers comes from the cold chilling absorbent paper towels of Minnesota. The Retakes, are throwing up their rendition -take two- and call me in the morning cold tablets of PUNK’d regalia and it is some of the damnedest best TRASH!! Not the music of course but the name of the EP is Trash and it is also the name of their first single, “Trash.”

Band mates- Miles Halverson – Vocals/Guitar Donnie Kirksey – Bass Alex Kies – Guitar and Evan Blasing – Drums have really rekindled those earlier moments of gone by days through their lyrics as well as vocal presentation. This is punk grunge meeting grunge punk- that is why the title fits this EP so well. Really The Retakes have taken all of the scraps, leftovers, the cool stuff shoved in a bureau drawer and meshed it nicely to create something you want to play and listen to… hell actually what you want to do is attend one of their performances live. Now that would be a Retake experience for any genie in a bottle to get rubbed right or wrong who the hell cares this is good shit period.

Crapping onto the next track, “Monkey (He Speaks His Mind) carries a heavy bass line, with a cutting lead guitar. This is moody, screaming punk/grunge. This is delicious. “Junk” fills the next groove on their EP Trash. Again another heavy, glowering piece of love this is something even the Smith’s couldnt manage any better… morose… along with static channel changing “Junk” is that air space of life and living. Allen Ginsberg, the beatnik of America, The Retakes embrace his poetry and the final track laid on the tracks of societal evolution is entitled, “Ginsberg.” Using the poets opening lines, “America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing./America two dollars and twenty-seven cents January 17, 1956. /I can’t stand my own mind. /America when will we end the human war?…” The Retakes are a mixed bag of tortured souls who still have a voice that has not been quenched, a thirst to speak truth through music that scrapes the cracked sidewalks of suburbia America, the symbolism of our Bald Eagle, and the tyrants who govern our locked boxes upon the doors of carefully beige shaded domiciles on government paved streets with communal mailboxes, 1.3 children and a dog.


Jane Porter

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