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Nashville, TN — Wanna get some the best music you’ve missed out on check out MobKarti. There’s something for everyone.

If you want to hear the latest trending hip hop music then you should definitely tap in with MobKarti. His style is original, fluent and Raw. His music mixes heavy vocals with an unmatched vocabulary and unlimited wordplay. An artist from Arkansas isn’t supposed to be an intelligent rapper who mixes street life, trap music and lyrical sound so well but that’s exactly what you’re getting. MobKarti exploded on to the scene with his debut album and latest release Trap Bible (Book Of MOB) features appearances from Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Valious, Fresh Boi, Tray Flame and more. Available on all streaming platforms and music services. You will definitely appreciate the sound and be begging for more.

There’s a reason GOD is removing people from your life. Be thankful he’s caring for you.

You can keep up with MobKarti on all social media platforms. IG@mobkarti TW@kartimob FB@mobkarti

If you love Trap Music, Hip Hop and Great music Tap in with MobKarti NuStarEnt and MoGame Records.

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MobKarti has an amazing gift musically with the ability to adjust to any tempo, topic or style. Truly a gifted artist


Name: Mobkarti
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6158529231


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