The Black sheep from Dixdale with New Music: Introducing to the World Dixdale Rixh

With a number of compelling compositions released and many more to be released later, emerging artist Dixdale Rixh is set to make it big in the music world.

Louisville, Kentucky – October 30th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artist Dixdale Rixh is a true force to be reckoned in the world of music. Possessing incredible excellence in Hip Hop and a handful of musical talents, the artist really knows how to come up with original and exceptional tunes every once in a while. Dixdale Rixh’s brand new single titled “Hurtful” released this year is living proof of his artistic brilliance.

With the release of the song earlier in the year 2021, the rising artist is looking for his sound to get out there and make rounds in different parts of the world. He wants people to explore his music and give a listen to all of his songs, eventually growing fond of the kind of music he makes. That would result in music enthusiasts starting to admire and appreciate Dixdale Rixh as a Hip Hop artist of this era and the formation of a loyal fan base that would support the artist throughout his musical career along with keeping an eye out for his future releases. Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms around the world including Spotify amongst others, “Hurtful” is indeed a work of art. The underlying harmonies overpowered by rich themes of Hip Hop and catchy grooves tend to elevate the vibe of any room the song gets played in, making the listeners move along to the rhythm. Heavily dominated by exceptional melodies and powerhouse vocals, “Hurtful” has already become a favorite amongst fans of Hip Hop music.

Apart from “Hurtful”, Dixdale Rixh also has other compositions in store for his fans to enjoy and let loose to. His single “Average”, released prior to “Hurtful” in 2021, is another smash hit of his musical career. “Can’t Stay Sober” is another single Dixdale Rixh released a couple of years back. Getting released in 2019, this single was his first official song released a Hip Hop artist on Spotify which set off his musical career. With more than 23k monthly listeners on Spotify, the talented artist keeps rising and gaining exposure with each passing day.

Dixdale Rixh is looking forward to continuing his musical journey, making more songs he’s passionate about. He wants to explore as an artist and expand his creative boundaries. He’s also looking forward to touring the world, meeting fans and inspiring hundreds along the way.

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Dixdale Rixh is a Hip Hop artist from Kentucky. He comes from Dixdale where some of the greatest people resided. The artist had a lot of discipline growing up. He is fond of being patient and waiting for his turn to make it big one day.

The best thing about Dixdale Rixh is that he never gives up on his family. He’s a versatile artist who manages to stand out amongst others.


Dixdale Rixh
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