That Boi Hot Proves His Name Right

that-boi-hot-reviewThat Boi Hot is an MC who has heart, but also has a lot of power to keep it beating. “Gourmet” is about feasting on the selection of women as if they’re spread out like a buffet. The song sounded like things were layered on one another in a confusing pattern. After that song, I wasn’t expecting what came with “Fallen Rose.” It was as heartfelt as hip hop can get. It’s one of those songs that you listen to a few times to catch every line and emotion. That sensitive break comes to an end as “Walk Around” starts to play. This track walks in with a lot of attitude and a lot of oomph to back it up. The lyrics are easy to learn, but it’s the music that keeps you from walking right past this one. The pace is picked up with “I Got That” and this one may be the best you get from That Boi Hot. It’s hyper active and never has a bad moment throughout. I’m not sure what “That Pink” is about, but I do know that it’ll be stuck in my head the rest of the day. Warning, if you’re not the type who’s into humming a song all day, listen to this one with caution. If you’re into rap that’s all about keeping an audience hyped, check out That Boi Hot. (

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