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D.P.: The Way Out

D.P. ReviewRap doesn’t have to be all about the bling. Some of it can be about something a lot more, like spirituality. That’s where artists like D.P. comes in with his album “The Way Out.” A decade old, the record is timeless. Each track stands out like a classic like “A Man.” It’s sweet R&B flare really tells a story while “Fill Me” takes us to a more hip hop side of the artist. In “Power in His Name,” soul, hip hop and belief marry one another to come together for a stunning, and beautiful track. “The Way Out” sounds like a song the whole congregation could join in during service. 15 tracks deep, “The Way Out” is a great album for those who like to listen to more uplifting hip hop. Check out D.P.’s latest now. (http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/dphiphop)

Looking Up with JLC

JLC ReviewJLC is a good ol’ Texas boy who said goodbye to an education when he had to find work to help out his family. After running into some trouble, he found the lord and now he’s spreading the word through gospel rap. In “For My Brothas and Sistas” he brings it like the rappers you’d hear on BET’s “106 and Park.” Really, while it’s a gospel rhyme, you wouldn’t unless you listened very closely. Which the lyrics are great and help with JLC’s mission to move people with music. You never know where life is going to take you, and for JLC – it took him down the wrong path for awhile but he had since found his way and is giving back through song. Check him out and support now. (http://www.allaroundaag.com/)