Storytelling with Gripping and Rousing Hip Hop Tracks- TheRapperAK Drops Original Debut EP ‘Introduction’

A stunning debut EP by TheRapperAK, ‘Introduction’ is a look inside the artist’s ingenious mind, with noteworthy features from Minus and C-Mob

Wynne, AR — October 14th, 2022 – A phenomenal debut by TheRapperAK, the ‘Introduction’ EP, is slated to drop for audiences on October 14th, 2022. The new album was recorded at Young Avenue Sound Legendary Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, and features the unbridled musical prowess of the artist.

Offering audiences a glimpse into the artist’s life, the new EP displays several dynamic tracks and an anthem for his hometown football team. ‘Introduction’ also features contemporary artists Minus and the legendary C-Mob on the track, ‘Expectations.’

A brilliant and stunning new EP, ‘Introduction,’ focuses on the artist’s many goals and beliefs as well as the struggles he has had to grapple with throughout his life. A unique standpoint in Hip Hop, TheRapperAK’s music has been carefully crafted to mirror his life. Each track represents an intriguing new tangent underscored by a storytelling flow.

TheRapperAK remains inspired by renowned Hip Hop artists with clean flows and storytelling abilities, such as Eminem, Hopsin, Joyner, NF, and Kendrick. With hopes of enthralling listeners with live shows, the eclectic artist aims to book a tour within the next year while also working on new and original tracks.

“As a white kid growing up in the “hood,” Hip Hop music made way for me to express myself and show that I was able to fit in. It helped me deal with the struggles of others knowing I had a family of people just like me- even if we weren’t the same shapes, sizes, and colors, we all had one thing in common,” says TheRapperAK.

Stream TheRapperAK’s stunning new EP, ‘Introduction,’ all set to drop on October 14th, 2022, on all his official music platforms! Follow the artist on social media for updates on new music and buy the new album on iTunes. You can reach out to the artist through [email protected] for business inquiries and collaboration opportunities.



Wayne Kennedy, also known as TheRapperAK, is a 30-year-old artist, dad to an autistic baby, and a carpenter by trade. TheRapperAK grew up moving from one city to another with his mother, going through several formative experiences with different people, which his parents never found out about.

Through the times he spent exploring, TheRapperAK learned a lot about life and music and the struggles of being an inhabitant in low-income housing. The artist remained inspired by musical greats such as 2Pac and Bone Thugs, as he truly understood and related to the struggles they lived. Growing older, TheRapperAK failed to find authentic and relatable music, so he began making his music.

Inspired by his own life and journey, the talented artist composes tracks that focus on who he is and what he is going through, delivering a uniquely personal perspective. TheRapperAK hopes to provide listeners with meaningful tracks, honoring the value Hip Hop music had for him.


Name: Wayne Kennedy
Address: 310 clifton drive, Wynne, AR
Email: [email protected]




Source: ArtistPR

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