Spayyzee – Work for It


The latest release from Spayyzee, otherwise known by his birth name Michael Plotkin, is the second single from his soon to be delivered debut album. “Work for It” is a hard-hitting testimony to the sacrifices required for a performer to end up something more than a flash in the pan sensation and still contains enough entertainment value to show great allure for many listeners. DC Steez is prominently featured in the track as well and his more rugged, swaggering style makes for an interesting contrast with Spayyzee’s take on the material. The production has a stripped down, spartan approach emphasizing the two voices, but the vocals and music alike strike a perfect balance that keeps everything lean and muscular. The song runs just a bit over four minutes and remains entertaining throughout. If this track is any indication of the quality listeners will encounter on the debut, Spayyzee’s forthcoming release heralds the beginning of a fantastically successful career. 

There’s a tremendous freshness surrounding this performance. The unique confluence of talent resulting from Spayyzee and DC Steez’s collaboration doesn’t have a lot of parallels in the modern hip hop scene and, thus, there’s a newness sparking off the performance that will entertain all fans of the genre while also appealing to the intelligence of many fans. Spayyzee’s unique vocal delivery has a sandpaper texture, but it’s never so unappealing that it will turn listeners away. Instead, it seems grizzled beyond his years while retaining a musicality that no contemporary can match. DC Steez strikes a notable contrast with his comparatively smooth vocal tone and he has fluidity in his phrasing that acts as another quasi-instrument in the mix. These are two hip hop artists who get deep inside their respective parts and guide the track with a steadiness of approach that makes this a great experience from the outset.  

The lyrical content is a little cynical, but never without reason. The point of view expects to encounter a world where everything is for sale, in some respect, and that the lone voice in the wilderness is scarcely rewarded except by those willing to sacrifice and struggle for everything they deserve. They never use too many words to make their point and, instead, depend on a lean economy of language every bit the equal of the backing track. The musical arrangement has an airiness that’s much artier than the efforts of many peers and the ability of the backing track to breathe gives the performance a swing and bounce that will entertain many. The song’s running time is ideally suited to the track’s demands and the combination of keyboard color and swinging, understated beat with the lyrical content is a winner from the beginning on. “Work for It” speaks to the experiences of the performers involved and has a resonance that will reach a wide audience. Spayyzee and DC Steez are a sure bet for genre fans, but even those who aren’t normally enamored of hip hop will find much to admire about this track. 


Shannon Cowden

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