Show and Prove: Lil Bro Big Deal Goes Viral On TikTok with Hit Single “Rick Ross” @ 300k

Lubbock, TX — JuuG or Bust? Lil Bro Big Deal is gonna “Bust a JuuG” and it has paid off with the success of the Snack Money Beatz produced Viral TikTok banger “Rick Ross“. Get Ready to “Bust It Down” on September 30th, with Features from Smooth Bradley and Kuntry Dela Rosa.

Bust It Down IS Slapping. Following the release of “Bust It Down” also Comes the Release of Tryp DaGhost from Federal Prison in Pollock. Get Ready for a Takeover, Lickety-Split is Already Killing West Tx Airwaves and Soon to Be Recognized on a National level.

“Okay Google Who Boo Wanna Connect Like Bluetooth, Like Sheryl, I will Swoop You In My Whodoo if that Tongue a fool Boo” Lil Bro Big Deal Raps on the Club Banger Lickety-Split. It Gets Worse, V.A.3 Murders the 2nd Verse! Whooooooaaaa

With a Slew of Hits like

  1.  Relationship Goals
  2. Rick Ross
  3. First Day Out
  4. Lickety-Split
  5. As the World Juugs
  6. Fine & Dandy

Lil Bro Big DEAL Recently released, “Rick Ross” which is already at 300k plays on Spotify. His new song that he will be releasing on September 30th features Smooth Bradley and KDR will guaranteed to make the ladies “Bust It Down”.

Presave “Bust It Down” Here




Lil Bro Big DEAL has been makin’ noise since Money Counter in 2020, proof hard work pays off to listen to the Viral TikTok record produced by in-house hitmaker Snack Money Beatz


Lil Bro Big Deal
Name: Lil Bro Big Deal
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 18062232400 ext 806




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