SDBG Studios LLC Unveils Raw Truths of Urban Life – P-Stubbz801 Presents Hip Hop Single “The World’s Falling Down”

Founder P-Stubbz801 chronicles the raw and burning realities of street life and redemption through the powerful force of original music

Salt Lake City, Utah —In their latest single, “The World’s Falling Down,” SDBG Studios delves deep into the gritty truths witnessed in the neighborhood of Rockwood Way in West Valley, Utah. The track serves as a poignant reflection on the societal challenges plaguing communities, from crime and homelessness to the pervasive sense of danger lurking in the streets. Collaborating with underground hip hop artist D-KOEN, SDBG Studios delivers a compelling narrative that resonates with listeners worldwide.

Scheduled for release on March 29th, 2024, “The World’s Falling Down” confronts the harsh realities of urban life head-on. With raw lyricism and introspective storytelling, P-Stubbz801 and D-KOEN craft a gripping narrative that prompts listeners to confront the societal issues plaguing our world today. The track is a testament to the duo’s commitment to authenticity and their unwavering dedication to amplifying voices often marginalized in mainstream discourse.

What sets SDBG Studios’ music apart is its refusal to conform to conventional norms. Eschewing ghostwriting, P-Stubbz801 brings a unique style and perspective to the table, infusing each track with raw emotion and personal experiences. Motivated by a desire to channel his creativity into meaningful expression, P-Stubbz801 draws inspiration from influential figures in the hip-hop community, including the likes of Tupac Shakur and Blimes.

Beyond the music, P-Stubbz801’s journey is one of resilience and redemption. From his early days as a high school student writing raps to his eventual return to the music scene after a hiatus, his story is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and perseverance. Overcoming personal struggles with alcohol and navigating the complexities of life, P-Stubbz801 emerges stronger and more determined than ever to make his mark on the world.

Looking ahead, SDBG Studios has ambitious plans to release several more singles throughout the year, each offering a unique perspective on life, love, and the pursuit of redemption. With a growing presence on social media platforms and a dedicated following of fans, the studio aims to spark meaningful conversations and inspire positive change through the universal language of music.

In the realm of hip hop, SDBG Studios LLC stands as a beacon of authenticity and artistic integrity, offering a platform for untold stories to be heard and celebrated. Through their music, they aim to ignite conversations, challenge perceptions, and ultimately, inspire change in the world around them!

Listeners are encouraged to preorder or purchase “The World’s Falling Down” on major digital platforms and support SDBG Studios’ mission to amplify marginalized voices and foster social awareness. For interviews, reviews, or collaboration inquiries, feel free to contact [email protected].



SDBG Studios LLC, under the creative helm of its founder and music artist, P-Stubbz801, emerges as a powerhouse in the hip-hop scene, bringing forth unfiltered narratives and authentic experiences through music. Rooted in the vibrant city of Salt Lake City, Utah, SDBG Studios endeavors to shed light on the harsh realities of urban life while offering a beacon of hope and redemption.


Name: P-Stubbz801
Address: 50 W Broadway Suite # 300, Salt Lake City, Utah
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-305-0610




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