Scintillating New Hip-Hop and Rap Tunes: Your Entertainment My Life artist Yung Phree, Releases Hit Heartfelt Singles

 “My Baby” and “Why Do It Hurt” are deeply personal and beautifully crafted masterpieces that embody the depth of Phree’s musical project.

Atlanta, GA — September, 26th 2022- Yung Phree, of Your Entertainment My Life, is a new up-and-coming artist whose singles themselves deeply reflect the artist’s passion for music production. The rapper believes that music is truly supposed to play both the purpose of entertaining the audience as well as relating to them in a way in which the lyrics and tunes stay long after the music has ended. It is this backdrop that colors the kind of music that this young star wishes to produce.

Phree is known for making listeners feel entertained and heard in a way in which he depicts his unique style in music. Not only does the star work on creating musical melodies that are appealing to the masses but also those that are different to ensure that the audience gets something new at the start of every new track. The eclectic artist believes that his music remains distinct from the other types of music in the industry because it heavily draws from personal experiences and in doing so displays an immensely vulnerable side to the artist.

“My Baby” and “Why Do It Hurt” are both singles that provide a unique insight into personal afflictions of the artist. In doing so, they make Phree relatable to all others; showcasing the mundane realities that everyone can connect with. The young star lists down a couple of his motivating factors which include his love for music, his upbringing, the upbringing of his loved ones, and the struggles and obstacles he’s endured. In all this, the greatest contributor to Phree’s motivation is the need to make something of himself.

The artist says “My belief is that I possess star quality that gives me the potential to be one of the greats”.  The eclectic musicians’ main inspiration include artists such as Tupac, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Drake, and T.I. to name a few. Phree’s goal is to find success in this business without enduring tremendous losses while also paving the way for other aspiring artists.

The inspiring artist’s music is available on all streaming platforms. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through the provided contact email.



Yung Phree is an aspiring artist from Detroit, MI who is just trying to chase his dreams to get away from living someone else’s. Your Entertainment My Life represents staying true to oneself, loving oneself, never feeling the need to put on a facade for others, and inspiring others to do the same. It is these simple goals that the young star embodies in his music as well.

Phree’s music is spurned from a life of hardship. This is why the rappers main goal remains to truly embrace one’s truth while also beating all the odds to achieve your dreams. In this way, the eclectic artist wishes not only for his success but also for the success of all those young struggling artists who feel as if they have lost their voice. For them, Your Entertainment My Life stands as the prime example of making it out against all odds with honest musical productions!


Your Entertainment My Life
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