Ryan Winters Gets It Right

Ryan Winters ReviewRyan Winters comes at you from Fort Worth and proves his worth with his take on hip hop. “Hit It Right” is one of those songs that comes across like a familiar friend. It sounds like songs we’ve heard in the past, but no matter what it’ll put a smile on your face for being there and being reliable. What was really cool and unexpected was the pinch of Spanish is the rapid fire ways of “Charge Me Up.” Can we just give it up for the strip joints next anthem, “That Pole?” If I were a dancer, I’d want that as my jam. With “Bandz” you have a song that sounds hard and delivers a piece that guys will get behind. It just has this very masculine appeal to it. If you want a boy making rhymes, look elsewhere because Ryan Winters is a man with a plan – so check him out today. (https://soundcloud.com/RyanWinters817)

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