Rising Artist Doin2much7 and Gold Nugget Records are the next Big Thing in Hip Hop

Sway to the refreshing beats of Doin2much7 and his team’s latest music right away!

Glendale, Arizona — Only music has the power to put in a different zone altogether. Doin2much7 is a hip-hop artist from Arizona and has garnered praise for his tracks from his fans worldwide.

Along with his team Gold Nugget Records, Doin2much7 has launched numerous singles and albums, with “Deep In Tha Zone” being one of his most-streamed tracks. This single offers listeners a mellow yet fun vibe through its relatable lyrics.

Doin2much7 has been a part of the hip-hop industry for over three years and considers his family his greatest inspiration. His passion for music is well-highlighted in all of his singles and albums as he brings something new with each track.

“Blue or Red Pill,” “My Team,” and “Runnin_Slow” are some of his popular tracks. These tracks each have lively beats and unique lyrics that make for a fulfilling listening experience. Moreover, what makes these tracks special is a sense of passion and self-belief that is reflected through the lyrics.

Through his music, Doin2much7 produces fun and groove-worthy content that keeps listeners engaged. All his tracks are packed with great beats, genuine lyrics, and an insight into his life as a passionate musician.

Doin2much7, along with Gold Nugget Records, aims to make music that inspires people across the globe. His love for family values and respect for hard work are some of the traits that he wishes to express through his music.

Using his spectacular musical skill set, Doin2much7 and his team Gold Nugget Records are on the path to becoming global musicians. His tracks are out on all platforms and are already being streamed by thousands of listeners on apps like Spotify and SoundCloud.

With the spectacular response that he has received for his existing tracks, fans are awaiting the release of new tracks in 2021. If you’re yet to check out Doin2much7 and his team’s tracks, stream his music right away! Plus, give his page a follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all the fun behind-the-scenes updates!





Doin2much7 and his team Gold Nugget Records are part of the hip-hop industry. Doin2much7 is an artist inspired by the love for his family and his passion for music. Having released several popular tracks on all streaming platforms, he is all set to release new content soon.




Rondell Hall

[email protected]



Main Website: http://www.goldnuggetrecordsllc.com/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/setsoulja

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doin2much7

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5XmVXqT25XCiy51BGJ3tjo

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rondell-cooper-hall

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/doin2much7

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