RevZer0: The Design of Self-Destruction

Pittsburgh, PA, Allegheny — Monday, July 20th, 2020 — Designer of multiple aspects of our living environment, Christian Devaruex is ready to cast aside his 11-year career for what he’s concluded that he is truly passionate about: professionally pursuing music. As Dev Structures, he proves that his due diligence and honing of skillset throughout the years were worthwhile, releasing his first commercial project, RevZer0.

The concept album tells a story relatable to a good majority of the masses, having started the project triumphant and braggadocios, relishing in victory having obtained the American dream. As the tracklist progresses, the listener can be sure to notice a growing, and somewhat disturbing deterioration in circumstances, highlighting the various topics of mental health, relationship failure, poverty, criminal activity, and ending in denial and in the throes of addiction.

What makes him different as an artist is his perspective and life experience. He didn’t grow up with a lot of stability in his life and doesn’t have much of an ego; therefore, he tends to make music that relates more to what he is going through at the time. “I’m schizophrenic, and that ultimately affects the relationships in my life, my views on religion, society, and by proxy, design, the living environment, and my approach to music. If life were a video game, it feels like I’m playing on the hardest difficulty level.”

The professional pursuit of music is an all-encompassing endeavor, encouraging artists to wear multiple proverbial hats to garner success Upon the release of his self-produced album, RevZero, Dev Structures became a brand ambassador for the Japanese clothing brand Tekkawear, inspiring the company to branch out to American sizes for distribution. Additionally, Dev took it upon himself to create his own merchandise through his own online store, Aved 構造 Ruex, having various accessories, items, and articles of clothing fans can purchase.

While his album tells a grim story, it seems that Dev Structures is creating a newer narrative with a more positive outcome. Not waiting for the opportunity to come to him, Dev has chosen to carve his own path for the sake of a better future and a sense of fulfillment.

RevZer0 is now available on all streaming/digital outlets but can be listened to in its entirety at





Born in the Bronx and then moving to Pittsburgh in 2007 by way of New Jersey and Jamaica, rapper and producer Dev Structures began making music in 2010. Utilizing the various hiatuses he would take from recording to hone his production skill, Dev returns with a strong burst of delivery, varied cadences, and clear cut signs of highly developed production skill and ability.



Dev Structures
Dev Structures
210 Brighton Rd. Pittsburgh PA, 15202




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