Reshaping Hip Hop with a Relatable and Authentic Style- Aantdoe Strikes the Right Chords with “Strange Things (HBH)”

Using his rich narrative strength to shed light on the things that matter, Aantdoe’s meaningful single is a welcome addition

Philadelphia, PA — Aantdoe’s style of Hip Hop is a beacon of newness, originality, and pure, unfiltered narration. Writing from the heart, the US Army Combat Veteran turned artist decided to pursue Hip Hop to bring back a sense of realness and authenticity which he felt had gradually subsided through most contemporary works. With time, Aantdoe has found his own unique voice and rhythms.

Titled “Strange Things (HBH),” the artist’s marvelous new single is catered towards the more mature, thoughtful Hip Hop listener. Aantdoe calls his distinct fashion and style ‘Grown Folks Rap’ and this label is also for a particular purpose. The dynamic artist’s works tend to stray away from any materialistic and fleeting objects, feelings, and experiences. As a result, singles like “Strange Things (HBH)” do not mention things like money, cars, jewelry, clothes, and violence.

Rather, Aantdoe’s music offers a more relatable and realistic portrayal which will appeal to listeners who are both hardcore Hip Hop heads to those who occasionally listen to the genre. The artist wishes that listeners will walk away from his music feeling like they have been heard and realize that whatever feeling or emotion they are undergoing is valid.

Truly, the artist’s new drop- “Strange Things (HBH)” features lyricism which is relatable and a story which many will resonate with. HBH stands for heartbreak hotel and the stirring single talks about a man who was involved with a great woman but had no idea how to treat her properly and ended up losing a gem.

The captivating new release has been produced by Tone Jonez, and marks Aantdoe’s very first demo. With his music, Aantdoe hopes to become a name to be reckoned with in the industry and to get his music into TV productions and films.

“I’m inspired by many things from personal experiences to my time in the military (GO ARMY), and by rappers that put thought into what they say… Rakim is my GOAT… And I listen more to the “old school” emcees than I do the newer generation,” says Aantdoe.

Aantdoe’s new single, “Strange Things (HBH)” is available for streaming on all major music platforms. Follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaboration opportunities.



Aantdoe is an Army/Combat Veteran and Hip Hop singer-songwriter with a love for making great music. A rapper who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Aantdoe brings a mature and relatable vibe to Hip Hop music.

The artists’ influences are strictly Old School, including the likes of Rakim, Chuck D, KRS1, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, and Big Daddy Kane. Aantdoe got out of the military in 2016 and has been making music ever since.


Name: Aantdoe
Address: 11 Worcester Ct, Philadelphia, PA
Email: [email protected]




Source: ArtistPR

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