Reigning Reggae Indie Artist Madi Simmons Returns To The Music Scene: Releasing A New Single To Inspire

With his soothing beats and anchoring voice Madi Simmons new single is bound to mesmerize the masses, as he sets out to inspire people to challenge themselves, and do better.

McKinleyville, California – July 25th, 2021 – Indie legend, Madi Simmons marks his return to the world of reggae as he releases a new single. Coming into his own with the track, Madi Simmons not only deals with music as an art, but also seeks to elevate his listeners. Inspiring those around him, the melodious track will be sure to make listeners seek out their goals and achieve them to the fullest extent.

Making it his mission to inspire people, Madi set out with this track in order to ensure that his listeners could feel the same appreciation for the inlaying powers of reggae music that he has. His single is a concerted effort that will make you feel the powerful lyrics, and melodies within, sure to make you supercharged in whatever goals you have to pursue.

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Performing musically since the age of 16. Madi Simmons has grown up in the world of music, immersing himself in it from a young age. The call of reggae is evident with him, taking inspiration from music from a plethora of reggae artists such as Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, and Smokey Robinson. His inspirations have not only helped him to hone his craft, but to forge a style that is authentically his own.

With his music making sure to send you back in time, an ability that transcends the time, Madi catches the ears of his listeners with a bewildering speed. This has specially helped him to go from strength to strength in the past 20 year. Going on a number of tours across the country. Recently Madi has even added international tours, going all Europe in recent times.




Name: Madi Simmons

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