Reggae Star H-Cool Released: Pressures Of Life

New York, N/A — International Reggae Star H-Cool Released (Pressures Of Life).  The song painted a vivid picture of the hardship young people faced daily. The song is out now on YouTube and on all music platforms; produced by Omasters Entertainment.

The youngsters especially in the third world countries have little or no opportunity for real growth and music like Pressures Of Life is a gateway for their cries to be heard. The hope is the government of the country will implement opportunity or the private sectors may hear their cry.

There is one thing all have to remember, at the end of the day humanity should be humane and anyone can be less fortunate. Create the opportunity that will be beneficiary to someone and intern the universe will reward.

Go find the song on YouTube: Pressures Of Life by H-Cool. Film by Slyce SO3.

Pressures Of Life is an eye opener to the struggles the youngsters around the world are facing in some form. Songs or music tend to give an ear to their cries. While some have it easy, it’s hard on many to go on daily especially in the third world countries. Help where can today for youths fighting depressions.

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The song Pressures Of Life is all about hardship, depression and pain majority of young people facing. H-Cool grew up in the heart of Jamaica and seen and faced it all. While some succumbed to the pressure music was and is the way out for many.


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