A-Button ReviewA-Button is an up and coming rapper looking to you get your attention. “Chop It Off” utilizes Pac Man sounds with hip hop and it’s truly the best, and it goes well with his monkier. That one will be hard to beat but others can try. Others like “Black Out.” It’s a little fierce but didn’t quite go there. “Foul Play” on the other hand plays in an okay manner with a lot of shout outs to pop culture references. Then you have “My Homies Still” remix that is nothing but high energy from the moment you hit play. It’s sure to wake even the most tired in the group. “Born Stunna” is okay, but like “Black Out,” there could’ve been more of a punch to it. A-Button has what it takes, but just needs to go a little further with things. “Chop It Off” is where I’d like to hear all of his tracks be. (https://www.youtube.com/user/pressthatAButton/videos)

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