Popz: “R U Freaky”

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Music industry veteran “Popz” has just dropped a brand new single entitled “R U Freaky”, a song produced and written by the 73 year old seasoned songwriter/ producer/voice coach. Originally from Ohio, Popz , Al Carey, is a member of the Columbus Ohio Music Hall of Fame. Currently based in California, Popz is no stranger to the funk/ R&B genre. His sultry, tenor vocals, and smooth falsetto dominate his new track.

Although Popz is 73 years young, his song is relevant to today’s soul market. With its orgasmic rhythm and beat, this song is radio friendly, fun, dance friendly and all in all a fabulous project. The song starts out with a jazzy flair then proceeds to transform into a up lifting, sexy, funky beat. The clarity of his voice is obvious and the strong lyrics are addictive.

“R U Freaky” is reminiscent of songs of the 70’s in the Funk Era of music. It has been forgotten in the music of today, and Popz releasing this style of music to the masses is refreshing and extremely welcome. It is fun, and reminds me of the days when everyone got together for block parties to have a great time and listen to incredibly good music.

“R U Freaky” is full of excitement, a funk masterpiece with rich, warm, harmonies that envelop the listener in a pleasant way, encapsulating the listener and taking them back to a time when music had feeling, soul and meaning. It immediately wakes the listener in its engaging delivery. I found myself singing along to the chorus halfway through the song. There is an organic feel to the music, and Popz is no stranger to the genre, releasing a single that if released in the seventies would surely go to number one on the charts. With it’s vintage and modern vibe combined, it would be terrific if music fans would open up the idea to allow this incredible song to hit the mainstream radio charts, and expose a younger generation to music that really matters and should never be forgotten. “R U Freaky” is really that good, and Popz is a super talent to be reckoned with. It is admirable how an artist who has been making music for such a long time still has all the talent and drive to continue pursuing his creative ideas and passions.

The song is powerful in an instrumental sense. It’s rhythmic and fun and a generally urbanly fluorescent and effervescent track. You want some really good music… then this one is for you!

The fact that Popz had ” been around”, adds to the elegance and style of his music. It has that once upon a time, I did it then and I’m still doing it now … kind of attitude. “R U Freaky” is a song for everyone, it will sound new to the younger generation, and brings back fond memories for all of us who lived and partied through the Funk Era. Get your copy today!

Troy Johnson

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