Paying Homage to His Ancestors through Enriching Folk, Rap, and Hip Hop: Archieiam Magnetizes Listeners with New Single

A formidable icon when it comes to crafting contemporary genre blends, Archieiam’s music is a breath of fresh air and a meaningful musical piece

Atlanta, Georgia — May 3rd   , 2022 –Archieiam was always taken by a passion and a dream to make it big in the genres of Folk, Hip Hop, and Rap. The eclectic artist recently unveiled a new track interestingly titled, “Supernatural”. A multi-genre single that has been released for audiences on April 19th, 2022, “Supernatural” encompasses a distinct flow, catchy vocals and song writing, and a seamless shift from contemporary Trap to authentic, nostalgic Hip Hop styles.

A riveting and smooth single, “Supernatural” was co-produced by rising sound engineer, producer, and artist Tommy Stoner. Listeners are bound to feel in sync with the artist’s music, losing themselves in the rhythmic mix of diverse sounds and styles. Archieiam stands out amidst other artists due to his ability to intuitively direct listeners to his song’s deeper meaning.

“Supernatural” is a testament to Archieiam’s unique and unmatched vocal prowess, which makes him an artist of the ages. His sound is unmatchable and does not stay put or confined to any one genre. Rather, the artist’s music takes listeners through a number of memorable ideas, styles, and genres, including: modern trap, gangster style of rap, Hip Hop, and R&B.

Narratively, Archieiam’s background music, vocals, and distinguished song writing style is a splendid means of honoring his ancestors. Armed with sensory, powerful, and poignant lyricism, the artist is honoring his ancestors who were compelled to repressive systems such as slavery and confined to the fields.

Moreover, Archieiam’s ‘supernatural’ theme originates from believing and allowing his higher self and godly abilities to take over while writing music. When listeners think of supernatural, more often than not, they are drawn to this enigma of god. However, with his music and artistic abilities, Archieiam steers listeners towards his own ancestors.

“Supernatural” is a compelling release that will make listeners think of Archieiam’s ancestors, who are living through him, and represents a means of paying homage to them for their honorable sacrifices, as well as the unmitigated resilience of their descendants.

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A seasoned singer-songwriter and producer, Archieiam was born in Atlanta, Georgia. The 28-year-old artist has been creating original and sensory musical compositions since he was a teenager, growing up in the hood of a zone 3 neighborhood in Atlanta. The eclectic artist formally released his exciting original mixtape in 2016 which was titled, ‘Selfloyal’. Initially going with the self-styled musical name- King Archie- the artist has unveiled a number of singles, including “Eternal”, “My Name”, and “I’m On”, among several others.

Archieiam is inspired to become a powerful phenomenon in the music industry, and become as big as he can get with a motivation for the future. The artist is looking forward make a big splash in the music industry with his creative music writing abilities and talents.


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