Nigerian Rapper StanVik Drops New Single ‘MEGA’ 


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Badagry, Nigeria – June 17, 2020 – Born in the early ‘90s, StanVik came into their world at the height of rap music. Perhaps that is why he found himself enamored with it and soon began his journey in the hip hop realm. Today, he’s delivering a unique take with his fourth single this year, “Mega,’ available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

StanVik kicked off 2020 with the release of “Dependence.” That was soon followed up by “Mannequin,” “FIGURE,” and now his latest, “Mega.” Each song is as great as the last and showcases the Nigerian rapper’s approach to trapping. Making music people want to vibe to is not the easiest thing to do, but StanVik continues to make it look effortless with each new release he drops – and it shows. His music has garnered spins on top stations in the US, UK, Germany, and beyond. 

While he has always been a fan of music, StanVik didn’t start his education in the creative craft until 2010. He was just 16 at the time, but his determination drove him to where he is today. Now he has more than a dozen singles, airplay around the globe, and plans to tour internationally as soon as live music is deemed safe again. 

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