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Lafayette, Louisiana – May 12, 2020 – The reality of Nigel 100’s life hasn’t always been what you’d consider a best-case scenario. Coming up in a place like Franklin, LA caused the young emcee a fair share of setbacks but despite the hand, he was dealt, he’s looking to rise above and come out the other side so that he can share his tales with the world through his rhymes. 

Nigel 100 doubted he’d ever make it out of Franklin when he was a kid. Not many do. There were some nights he didn’t think he would either, but his passion and drive for music helped continued to push him forward. Now he’s looking back at those times where demise and misfortune reigned supreme and putting them to song. Never one to shy away from the harsh realities he’s faced, Nigel 100 writes with his heart and puts his soul into every lyric he inks. His latest releases “Look At Me Now,” “Right Track,” and “Rain” is a sentiment to that. 

Nigel 100 started messing around with music when he was 15, but it wasn’t until his early 20’s that he started to take the necessary steps to make something of it. Writing, recording, performing – it all came to a stop for a few years due to Nigel 100’s anxiety. He hit delete on everything, but found his way back in 2016 after his stint in the Army came to a halt. 

“That was a fresh start and I haven’t looked back since. It’s been hard to levitate past my competitors though, even though my sound stands out a lot more. My lack of guidance and coming from where I come from, it takes nearly a miracle to really see my dreams come true but I still have faith!” 

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Nigel 100 is an up and coming rapper from down south with a cascade of new music available now on YouTube. 

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