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New Hip Hop musician to launch a new single

Vaughan, Ontario Canada – For listeners who enjoy a smooth, beat-driven, and rhythmic rap experience, some good news is in store. Ng Millz , a new artist, will release another new single, “Time Shift ,” very soon. Those who are eager to get acquainted with the rapper’s work can listen to his previous tracks, which were released not too long ago.

The single “Goat” was released early this year, on January 15th, while its video was released a little later on February 15th. It was recorded by the label Nostrsac Production Ltd, with team members Carston, Troytagline, and Ricardo on board. This single stands out as a complete piece of work. Not only is the videography creative and high quality, but the artist’s rapping also stands out. A natural at rapping, Ng Millz does justice to his songs’ beats, managing to capture the listener’s attention and retain it. The overall experience becomes highly enjoyable, and hip hop/rap lovers of all ages are bound to enjoy the single “Goat.”

Ng Millz has also been appreciated for his stage persona; from his compositions to his videos’ aesthetics, audiences are naturally drawn in. The artist’s father – also his producer – recognizes his son’s natural talent, often calling him ‘the flow master.’ it almost seems as if the music runs in his veins.

Only nineteen years old, Hallow Aka Ng Millz  is passionate about music and is determined to make it big. Currently, all his music is in the Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B genres.

Watch the official musc video here: 

Connect with the young artist on social media – he always loves connecting with his fans.

Ng Millz is open to collaborations, interviews about his budding musical career, and reviews. For more information, please visit his website.




Evan Hamilton, or Ng Millz , was born on November 15th, 2002. As a new artist, he tries to make it to the top with his distinct style and flow. Having been making music for the past year with the Nostrac Productions team, Evan’s goal is to be the best in the music industry.



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