New Single Release by Cracka Smile

New Orleans, Louisiana — Cracka Smile is an independent artist hailing from New Orleans, LA. Cracka Smile’s latest single “The Psychedelic Cure” is available on Spotify and iTunes. This track strongly represents the direction Cracka Smile is heading musically. It combines his many inspirations from industrial and darker EDM styles to 90s rock and hip-hop.

Cracka Smile has two other recent songs available to listen to on Spotify as well, “Bad Trip” and “Victims”, which have more of an EDM vibe and slightly less of a rock feel. Other past releases his 2019 include “Soul Lost” and “Ghosts in the Club”. Cracka Smile delves into different electronic music subgenres and when combined with his emo rock/rap lyrics give listeners a fantastic ride.

Cracka Smile is set up and ready to explode on the music scene. He is interested in giving interviews and spreading the Smile. Connect with him via the information below.

As Cracka Smile says, “peace bewitch you.”



Cracka Smile is an artist and musician from New Orleans who has played and recorded with members of Nirvana and Alice In Chains. Smile makes new and refreshing music that blends 90s Grunge and Industrial sounds with modern rap and emo styles. He has been recording for 6 years and is ready to take the next step toward his goals of success in the music business with media coverage and exposure.


Cracka Smile
Manager : Christie Tomlinson
Address: 1803 Gravier St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 504-909-1408
Phone(management): 504-460-7349




Source: ArtistPR

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