New Single From Ameerah The Songstress

First of Seven, Ameerah The Songstress Releases New Single “Everything”

Los Angeles, California – Philanthropy and music have always gone hand-in-hand. So much music is based on the real issues that plague our society that philanthropy has become a part of the industry. Someone who has truly melded their passion for music and philanthropy is Ameerah The Songstress.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Ameerah The Songstress is a versatile artist who is using her music to talk about real-world issues. Her debut single, “Everything,” is focused on female empowerment and self-awareness, set in the genre of Pop, R&B, and Rap.
Along with her debut single, Ameerah The Songstress is releasing a short film on female empowerment called ‘EVERYTHING THE MOVIE.’ The film showcases Ameerah The Songstress and Tobias Truvillion and is her submission for the Detroit Emmy’s.

Along with her film and musical pursuits, Ameerah The Songstress is extremely passionate about her philanthropy work. The artist has set up her non-profit organization called ‘Woman Empowered’ to assist single mothers all over the world. For now, the organization is focused on empowering those in her native Detroit area.

This quadruple threat artist is all set to release a seven-song LP in the first quarter of 2021. The first of the songs released is her debut single, “Everything.” The debut single and the upcoming LP can be bought on the official website. Make sure to follow the artist on her social media page to keep up with her releases and philanthropy!




Ameerah The Songstress is an artist, model, and entrepreneur from Detroit, Michigan. The artist is talented and versatile while simultaneously being outright and passionate about her beliefs. Along with being a musician, Ameerah The Songstress is a business owner and philanthropist. She hosts a podcast show and runs a non-profit organization called ‘Woman Empowered’ to assist single mothers all over the world.



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