New music from Miami hottest group (The newoutkast)

Miami, FL — Cooler Headz Prevail is a rap group out of Miami, FL.   Consisting of JR Ewing and Trace Bizzle, they are tearing up the underground by their smash single ” too sexy”.  Also, with the legendary Beanie Sigel, lucky charms have been giving the hip hop heads something the listen to. Lyrics and production makes their music something special.  They are song writing geniuses that command every syllable in a bar yet have contrasting styles with intelligent banter.

Fans who love real hip hop need to stream and download Cooler Headz Prevail. They have 4 singles and 1 album out on all platforms.  Purple Plague 2, which was recording during the pandemic, has club tracks, social tracks, party tracks, and other music that soothes the hip hop head appetite.

Pandemic freestyles is an ep with freestyles recorded during the pandemic. All I have to say with Jo Geechi is a soulful ballad dedicated to saying the important things in 16 bars. Yoshi is for the smokers.  Turn back time is a love ballad and dedication to the ladies. Ride All Day is some West coast vibe for the gangsters.

Cooler Headz Prevail has 4 singles up for release. Too sexy, the TikTok smash, He do feature Only1tipy, Lucky Charms featuring Beanie Sigel, and  Newoutkast feat Ty Berrielle.   These singles are during really good.  The algorithms have been spinning these tunes of various playlists.

The rap game has changed.  Cooler Headz Prevail has revolutionized hip hop music, infusing afro beats, trap, R&B, and soul. Check out this music and follow them.

Stream and download the music!!!



Live from Miami FL, Cooler Headz Prevail are two artists that were groomed at FAMU.  In various cyphers, they sharpened their style and caught attention.  Working with producers, they harnessed their craft.  Check them out and judge in person.


Cooler Headz Prevail
Name: Brian Albury
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7869082945




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