New Hip Hop Track Drawing Influences from the Legends and Pioneers of the Genre: Eclectic Artist taifeng Drops New Single “together”

Westbury, New York – November 1st, 2021 – With the release of his new single “together”, up-and-coming Hip Hop artist taifeng intends to show his listeners just one look of the distinct sounds and lyrics that he has in store for his listeners. Demonstrating influences from the wide range of inspirations that have helped to shape the music of taifeng, the artist builds onto a magnetic musical imprint through each release.

Drawing inspiration from the works of artists such as RZA that have inspired his new track, taifeng’s newest release puts on display sheer mastery at lyricism and imagery. Elements from his motivating icons are found throughout the song as taifeng pays homage to the musician’s immortalized discography.

A disciple of the art of hip hop, taifeng is heavily influenced by the works that have shaped how hip hop has been crafted into its modern form. Being heavily inspired by tracks from both the east coast, and the west, taifeng aims to show the world the genius of Rap artists, as he blends their sounds, and takes it into the modern era.

Taking it back to the fundamentals of hip hop, taifeng is intent on forging a path that is his own while also melding together the beloved and iconic features of Hip Hop, and taking his listeners along with him on a thrilling ride.

Stream taifeng’s music on the artist’s official music platform on Spotify and YouTube. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through email.



Hailing from New York, taifeng (meaning typhoon in mandarin) is an artist with a lot to give, and a long way to go. Always having been inspired by the greats of hip hop, it would not be left to any question that taifeng would pick up the musical path, discovering his own musical talents and skills through his life voyage.

Hip hop having defined a large part of his life left taifeng with a heavy appreciation for the art, pushing him to create new and distinguished musical compositions. Continuously changing the course of the genre, taifeng hopes to make others see this great art for what it is, and hopes to further inspire new musicians.



Name: taifeng

Email:  [email protected]

Number: (702)-684-2162







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