New Hip Hop Album from Artist Collide-A-Scope World LLC

From Rock Bottom to Rock Solid, experience the journey through Album Fresh Endings To New Beginnings.

Greensboro, North Carolina – June 6th, 2021 – From facing the hard life to making it big in the business world, davidbeloved has conquered the darkest times. A passionate entrepreneur and founder of Collide-A-Scope World LLC is all set to make a mark in the music industry with his new album Fresh Endings.

Being primarily a Hip Hop, Rap, and Pop artist, davidbeloved’s music is all about passing on the good vibes. Going through life’s most challenging times, he intends to impact his inspirational music that is bound to leave listeners spellbound.

Having spent over eleven and a half years in prison, davidbeloved has channeled all his energy into producing fresh tracks that people will enjoy. Releasing his first-ever album, ‘Fresh Endings To New Beginnings,’ davidbeloved has two more albums in the pipeline. Through Collide-A-Scope World LLC, davidbeloved intends to bring out a fresh perspective that is both life-changing and melodious.

Davidbeloved’s music is relatable, soul-stirring, and truly one-of-a-kind. Coming from a unique background, he intends to make listeners feel good about life and how it can be better. No matter where you are in life or where you came from, the tracks from Fresh Endings To New Beginnings a musical masterpiece.

Watch davidbeloved perform live at the Nuvo Lounge in Raleigh, NC on June 17th, 2021. Show starts at 7:00 PM.

Check out davidbeloved’s music and latest singles on his official website and YouTube Channel. For more about davidbeloved and Collide-A-Scope World LLC, visit the social media pages!





A rapper, singer, producer, and entrepreneur, davidbeloved is a multi-talented artist bringing fresh music. With hits like Holyfield (Real Deal) and Extraordinary, davidbeloved music is all about creating impactful music that will bring new perspectives to listeners from all walks of life. His music is enjoyable and relatable to many people making him a Hip Hop artist to look out for.




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