My name is PlayBoi Mac. I’m an upcoming rapper and have been making music for 3 years and my goal for this dream is to get signed by a good label and to make music full time

Saginaw, MICHIGAN — PlayBoi Mac is a independent rapper who signed up with Artist PR to promote his music. This press release is a look into where he’s from and how he became who he is now.


People around the world should care about PlayBoi Mac’s music because he wants to be an influence on a lot of people to start making music themselves. He also has a true passion for this and he will make it happen, just with time. You can find him on SoundCloud if you look up PlayBoi Mac.

“There’s someone out there holding their breath waiting for you to fail, make sure they suffocate…”

PlayBoi Mac has made 3 albums in the past year. One of the most known is the most recent album called “I’m Awake Now Chapter 4” that dropped in November. He’s still making more tracks and is in the making of an EP that will drop in a couple months.

Overall, PlayBoi Mac has a dream to chase and is getting closer to it everyday. He’s trying to work with different companies so they can get his name out there. And by the end, he plans to have a lot of people knowing him and being able to go on tour and perform in front of a lot of people.

If YOU want to hear one of PlayBoi Mac’s music and go follow him on his journey to becoming a world wide rapper, click here to go listen to his songs




PlayBoi Mac has made over 50 tracks on SoundCloud. All of them go from topic to topic but he mostly raps about what he’s passionate about and what he’s going through in life. He started rapping all the way back in April of 2020 and has been making music ever since then. He’s always loved the art of music and before he started making his own music, he was a self taught drummer and thought he was going to be a drummer in a band but things turned out a lot more different and in such a good way.


PlayBoi Mac
Name: PlayBoi Mac
Address: 2209 mackinaw st, Saginaw, MICHIGAN
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 571-991-2548




Source: ArtistPR

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