My gift is rearranging words, reuse or recycle them like none has ever heard before. My talent is writing lyrics and turning it into a beautiful song. My purpose in life is to change the world with my music. Unit people and bring them together with positivity. Those that struggle and face everyday challenges can relate by connecting

Philadelphia, PA — Kimberly Blossom is a unique writer that can bring new flavor and can possibly change the game with her style of writing. Kimberly Blossom’s writing pattern is influential one of many that I’ve never seen.

My music gives people a since of hope something to look forward to. Words of encouragement that will get them through happy times and sad times. There’s a line between emotion and making a real connection through people.

Your are the true essence of you that brings out you. Don’t you ever forget who you are. Don’t let nobody tell you who you can’t be. You can be whoever you want to be. Just set out your dreams reach high and aim towards your full potential. You’ll find the strength inside yourself that you never knew you had.

I believe in me just as other people believe in me. I know there’s other people out there that are fans that I don’t see that support me and are rooting for me to win. If I can make impact in my own life I can make that same impact in other people’s lives. Music is global and universal and should be shared.

Kimberly Blossom has the full potential to reach many. I believe that she is very persistent in making her vision come true. Kimberly Blossom is passionate at pursuing her music in all areas.

My long-term goal is my life long career plan.




Kimberly Blossom is a fan of many famous artists but if she had to make a similarity to one. The music that she writes would come close to many. Her writing style is sexy, lovable and challenging. Because she is a fan of many artists she can’t choose one.


Name: Kimberly Blossom
Address: 4804 Chester ave, Apt 106, Philadelphia, PA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 2672667262
Press Kit: http://songwriter.Talent


Facebook: Http://
SoundCloud: Http://


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